sux0r is a blogging package, an RSS aggregator, a bookmark repository, and a photo publishing platform with a focus on Naive Bayesian categorization and probabilistic content. OpenID enabled (version 1.1); as both a consumer and a provider.

Naive Bayesian categorization is the ouija board of mathematics. Known for being good at filtering junk mail, the Naive Bayesian algorithm can categorize anything so long as there are coherent reference texts to work from. For example, categorizing documents in relation to a vector of political manifestos, or religious holy books, makes for a neat trick. More subjective magic 8-ball categories could be "good vs. bad", risk assessment, insurance claim fraud, whatever you want.

sux0r allows users to maintain lists of Naive Bayesian categories. These lists can be shared with other users. This allows groups to share, train, and use sux0r together.

sux0r 2.2.1 is open source and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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Latest Version: 2.2.1

Sux0r is multilingual. Translators welcome. Currently we have English (en), Chinese (zh), Dutch (nl), Italian (it), and German (de).

Sux0r is skinable. Designers welcome. Help sux0r not suck so much in the beauty department.

Still not sure what this is all about? Read this blog post by the superb BayesFF project.

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